Stick Machine Scrubber

Tomcat’s EDGE® Series of surface preparation machines gives operators the ability to remove multiple layers of finish, without using chemicals. As we all push for new ways to increase our protection of the environment and operator, this new approach to floor preparation can help achieve increased productivity.

The “ST” model’s lower rpm (1725) motor allows for dry use and therefore eliminate most water use. The “ST” model also is designed to be extremely quiet and used in sensitive applications like hospitals. At only 62 dBA, it is an industry leader in reducing noise pollution and annoyance.

The “HD” models higher rpm (3450) motor allows for increase weight and productivity. Originally designed to make quick work of gym floor screening. At less than 73 dBA the “HD” unit is quieter than similar units, and yet offers increased performance. The higher rpm consistently achieves a smooth preparation scratch, and can extend sanding screen life over rotary machines. This unit can be used in the same manner as the “ST” unit for refinishing resilient tile floors, however we recommend the use our Dust Containment Kit.

Tomcat EDGE® Stick Machine Equipment Choices:

  • “ST” – Standard
  • “HD” – Heavy Duty: Features multiple weights for extra down pressure for stripping and grinding floors

Tomcat EDGE® Stick Machine Quick Specs:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 19″ x 13″ x 44″
  • Weight(ST): 125 lbs.
  • Weight(HD): 165 lbs.
  • Pad Size: 20″
  • Cleaning Width: 20″
  • Cleaning Rate (sq. ft/hr): Up to 5,000 (HD)

stick-machineIn these images you can see many of the different applications of the Tomcat EDGE®Orbital Floor Scrubber: from resurfacing full gymnasium floors, to removing old layers of paints off of cement, to even offices. The Stick Machine Orbital Floor Scrubber is always up for the task.